Telangana state formation day award 2017

Telangana, the 29th and the newly formed state of India is celebrating its 3rd state formation on 2nd June 2017. A precursor to this celebration is the Telangana government’s tradition of releasing the Annual Report of Information Technology Electronic & Communication (ITE&C) Department lead by the Honourable IT Minister of Telangana Sri K. Taraka Rama Rao ( lovingly called KTR ).  The event also saw the inauguration of T-wallet, the official e-Wallet of Telangana, to encourage digital financial transaction in line with the Government of India in making our country a less cash economy.

The event also saw the recognition of exemplary work done by companies in the field of Information technology and IT enabled services by the Department of ITE&C through the ‘Telangana State Formation Day Award 2017’.  Awards were categorized by the way of contribution in different segments – employment, revenue and exports growth, special services, tier-2 promotions, startups and outstanding achievement award.

Paymatrix was one of the proud awardees of ‘Telangana State Formation Day Award 2017‘ under ‘Best – Women Led Startup’ from the hands of Honourable IT Minister of Telangana Sri K. Taraka Rama Rao in the presence of Honorable IT Secretary Mr. Jayesh Ranjan. This award is a recognition that women can come into the world of startups and lead a change. In this context, we have been also recognized for our efforts in enabling property rental transactions go completely digital and thus enabling the collective vision of achieving a less cash economy. This, we believe also is a recognition of the belief and hard work put by our entire team in realizing this vision.

Telangana state formation day award 2017

The recognition also reaffirms the position of Paymatrix as a leading property rental management platform ,wherein we have registered our highest ever user transaction and user growth over the past quarter. With offerings ranging from credit facilitation for rentals and rent deposits to Renters’ Insurance and Tenant Screening services, we are well poised to assist tenants, landlords and property managers to better manage their property rentals in a convenient and cost effective manner

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In this juncture, we also want to mention the IT growth story of Telangana as quoted by Honourable IT Minister of Telangana Sri K. Taraka Rama Rao – The IT exports in 2014 was Rs. 57,000 crores  and the target was to set to double the IT export. The Telangana government is on the track to achieve this target with the registered IT export of  Rs. 85,470 crores with an impressive growth rate of 13.75% in 2016-2017 which is 4% higher than the national growth rate. In fact this once again re-establishes Telangana as the fastest growing state in terms of IT exports.