washapp partnership

Millennials in the course of better managing the harsh realities of their professional life also have to deal with the day-to-day mundane realities including hustling to arrange for rental deposits whenever you move to a new house, dealing with landlords for timely monthly rent payment, tackling those soiled clothes on a weekly basis and this list goes endless. Here is a snapshot of a partnership between two start-ups that are looking to solve some of these pain points.

Paymatrix, a leading property rental management platform, was started when these realities of life stuck its founder. Moving to the hustling city of Mumbai, he faced hard realities of arranging money for huge rental deposits; he later found that the credit card which gave him breather often couldn’t be used to pay rental deposits or rent. A deep dive into the same showed that Rent, despite being the largest expenditure ticket is still being transacted in cash with the market characterized by tax evasion, unbalanced bargaining power with landlords, lack of transparency and accountability. A team thus came together to embark upon solving the pain points in the Property rental market with the start-up now offering entire spectrum of Property Rent management solutions from Rental payment management, Rental documentation, Tenant screening, Renters and Landlords Insurance and Rental analytics. One unique aspect of the platform is that it enables individuals to better manage their Rental payments by offering credit from banks and NBFCs through unique scoring mechanism.

washapp partnership

Paymatrix, in order to offer better value to its users has been aggressively developing partnerships with established companies and start-ups who are into solving relevant household pain points for users. In this regard, Paymatrix partners with WashApp, a leading laundry service start-up in Hyderabad, who quickly emerged to be a reliable player in helping professionals get their laundry cleaned, ironed and delivered on-time at a click of a button at affordable prices.

As part of this partnership, users of both the companies are entitled to a discount of Rs.100/- on their first order on Paymatrix (https://paymatrix.in/) or WashApp (http://www.getWashApp.in/). All the WashApp users need to do is to enter the coupon code ‘PAYWASH100’ on the Paymatrix’s website while placing their first order. The coupon code entitles the new users to either avail a discount of Rs.100/- on their Monthly Rent payment or other offerings on the platform. Similarly, Paymatrix users are entitled to a discount of Rs.100/- on WashApp on their laundry cleaning orders. This partnership between the two start-ups is set to only scale with both of them planning several co-promotions for their user segments.