Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships - Michael Jordan.

Our mission

To enable tenants to better bargain with landlords by giving them a seamless access to credit and information on property rentals

What drives us?

Pain points

If there is a problem, we not only sense a great opportunity in solving it but shall find the smartest way to get to it.


We believe that best things in life are simple, free and transparent; we, therefore call ‘horse’ a ‘horse’. We remain dedicated to creating long lasting systems that can foster free exchange of information and feedback


All through our journey, we have always questioned the status quo and strove to break the limitations –both of technology and conventional business models. We remain committed to do the same in future.

Loads of Coffee

Those sleepless nights, heated arguments, post argument reconciliations and celebrations would not have been complete without sharing a cup of coffee with each other.


How it all started?

The idea of a platform that can lend money for huge property Rental deposits emerged when the founding team ourselves, faced the pain point. One of us faced a unique problem of arranging a lumpsum to pay off rental deposit to landlord in Mumbai. With no ready funds in hand , we deeply introspected and explored as why there is no avenue facilitating credit for this vital financial requirement. It also propelled us to go a step further and deep dive into the inefficient and untapped property rental market wherein most of the transactions were still transacted in Cash.

Backed by some solid market research over 6 months with thousands of stakeholders, we have rolled our sleeves to create Paymatrix, which now emerged to be India’s Largest Rent management platform, helping thousands of individuals and small businesses to better manage pay and collect their rent in a transparent and tax-efficient manner.

What do we have as a team?

Tons of passion and commitment to our Idea

Unwavering belief in possibilities of our proposition

Perseverance and patience to fight and reconcile

Finally, we do hold the most sought over academic and professional qualifications (Phew.. of course, only for those who seek)