The Best Way to Predict
the future is to invent it... Alan kay


Technology and Innovations are the core DNAs of our team. At Paymatrix , we work towards three key elements in the property rental ecosystem i.e. transparency, automation and cost reduction. Our following initiatives give the flavour of these three key elements.


Fixing your rent is now easy thorough our analytics driven rent amount for your property. At Paymatrix, we bring in complete transparency on the property rentals. Our proprietary data intelligence platform aggregate hundreds of data points both online and offline, then interpret and render interesting analytics that can be used to correlate property rentals with the dynamic trends in the market. Now, you with Paymatrix, you no longer need to bargain hard on your rent.


Rental transactions can be completely automated with rental agreements codified as self-executable programs called ‘Smart contracts’ over Blockchain and with the integration of alternative payment models. This shall make the transactions instant and cheaper than those in current payment channels. At Paymatrix, we are constantly working to bring in this alternate payment models and rental automation by leveraging Blockchain.


Deciding a tenant can be a simple process if there is a holistic and transparent review of an individual. Our innovative tenant screening service brings in this holistic information by aggregating the digital footprint of an individual and validating the same with authentic private and public datasets; this, we believe can help in better decision making for the property owners. The same service can very well be extended to companies to screen potential employees or used by bank for making informed lending decisions.